Tech Tip from Intermountain - From Dealer Flyer May 2016

Currently, our HO Scale USE sound equipped locomotives start-up upon receiving track power.  Future releases of our sound equipped locomotives will remain quiet upon receiving track power.  This helps keep the noise level and current draw more manageable on your layout. To start-up the locomotive, function 8 will need to be pressed on your DCC system.  Then you are finished operating, another press of function 8 shuts down the locomotive down.  You will continue to hear some sounds for up to 1 minute after the shut-down sequence.  Also, sounds that don't require the prime mover can still be activated such as the horn and bell, just like the prototype!

This setting can be enabled on all previously released Intermountain sound equipped locomotives with ESU LokSound:

First set CV 32 to 2, then set the following based on your locomotive type:
F units: CV 387 = 16
U18B: CV 403 = 16
SD40-2(w): CV 419 = 16
ES44: CV 403 = 16

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