Staging was one of the last items I added to the layout and it was also one of the most important. The first staging yard was built below the CSX Philly Eastside Yard. The challenge was that I needed a large helix to get there as it was a large drop in distance. I ended up building a 9 turn helix to get there. This staging is the heart and soul of the layout. It has 16 tracks and holds 400 cars plus an engine terminal that holds 30 engines. Most trains for operating sessions originate and terminate here. I also added a 2nd staging yard which has 6 tracks and holds about 200 cars. (long tracks)  You can see the rear of the 2nd staging yard in the distance in first two pictures. Finally in 2016 I added my third staging yard which has 8 tracks and holds 275 cars.  Staging 2 and 3 are both stub ended staging yards and handle only westbound traffic while staging 1 is more of a switching yard and handles primarily eastbound traffic.