This is the new addition which was added in 2004. We decided to convert our deck to a sunroom. I inquired about adding more basement underneath verus footers. The rest is history. It was allot of work and dust but it's in now and the layout is operational in the new room. It really added allot of functionality to the layout and also  has a dispatch office.

The dig begins. Here we go on a stressful project

New basement has been completed. Time to cut through to the other side. What a stressful day. On the other side, a temporary room was built and enclosed with plastic to keep out the dust. It worked pretty well.

This is the original layout. The wall you are looking at is where the new addition will be. The next picture is after the job is done, 5 months later.

The new room updated. It added a space of 16' X 30'. New dispatcher's office on right.
Picture from the back of the new room looking into original layout room. Helix on left.

Disptacher's office. Old dispatch board on left, new software based computer dispatching in front utilizing RR & Co.'s software.

Some shots of the new room fully sceniced.