My present layout has been in the building stage for about 18 years. It took 1 year to plan and design the railroad in Cadrail and finish the basement with drywall, a drop ceiling and carpeting. I got the layout mostly done by 2003 with scenery 80% finished. Then in 2004, we added a sunroom on to the house and I added more basement underneath. This added a 30' X 16' addition to the existing layout. After the new basement was poured, the contractors broke through from the new section to the old and we were off and running. See the new room section on the website about this new addition. I have been lucky to have help from a few friends. Mike Minatelli has assisted me quite abit. Mike did some of the the CAD design and assisted with the building of the benchwork and trackwork. I also had assistance from Jesse Cloud(Scenery), Don Richard(Benchwork), John Lassahn(Prototype Consultant and track layer), Ellery Street(Misc), Mark Sakely (Electronic's), Bob Garner(Traincontroller software) and Dave Sommers(Design of the new room and car cards software).

The layout is based on modern CSX from Philadelphia to Baltimore, CSX Philadelphia Subdivision. The track is ex B&O, and had B&O signals but in 2013, CSX began to update the signals to a modern hooded type so I did the same on the layout. (BLMA signals) In 2016 the layout was completely cut over to modern signals. CSX had finished their cutover on the real Philly sub in late fall of 2015. I purchased B&O signals from Integrated Signal Systems(ISS) and Tomar. 100% of the signals are lit utilizing Digitrax's SE8C signal controller and the BDL168 for detection.  I also use Traincontroller software from Railroad and Co to drive the detection and signals and control dispatching. As I live and work 10 minutes from the CSX mainline this should explain my interest in modeling this line. (I have nearly walked the entire line over the years) The Philadelphia Subdivision has 3 main yards, Wilsmere Yard in Wilmington Delaware, Eastside Yard in Philadelphia, PA and the the Ex Conrail Greenwich Yard in Philadelphia, PA.(acquired in Conrail merger) I model both Wilsmere and Eastside yards. The third yard I also model is Bayview Yard in Baltimore MD, which anchors the beginning of the westend of the Philadelphia Subdivision. The benchwork is 100% complete, track is 100% complete and scenery is 99% complete. I am a scale modeler that has a sense of humor. Enjoy the hobby. I believe that all model railroaders should do what pleases them the most!

CSX MOW crews await a work window to replace a switch.